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do you look for free vpn ho provide for youfree web hosting to surf in active directory and users ho look for active directory domain for there directory proxy

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Web Proxy Promotion Guide
The key to a great web proxy is obtaining enough proxy traffic to generate enough revenue from your advertising streams to create a profit (or at least cover your server and bandwidth costs!). Whether you are new to the world of web proxies or an old hand at proxy web mastery there is always something new you can learn.
Configuring a web proxy robots.txt file
Creating and configuring a robots.txt file for your web proxy is an essential step in the creation process and certainly a step you do not want to skip. Without it you risk search engine spiders draining your server resources and wasting your bandwidth as well as a host of other problems including duplicate content, copyright infringement and the potential for your web site to be flagged as malware.
Hotlinking prevention with PHProxy
Hotlinking occurs when someone links directly to an image or web page through your proxy. This effectively steals your bandwidth and bypasses your homepage where the majority of your ad revenue sources are going to be located.
How to automatically update GeoLite Country
If you are using the MaxMind GeoLite Country open source database to filter your web proxy traffic then you need to ensure that your GeoLite database is updated at regular intervals. Doing this manually can be a bit of a chore especially if you are running a number of web proxies.
Installing Google Analytics on PHProxy
When it comes to tracking traffic usage on a web proxy one of the most obvious choices is to use Google Analytics. Installation of the code is fairly simple on PHProxy and can be completed in two steps.
IP blocking with GeoLite Country and PHProxy
IP blocking with .htaccess
Blocking countries from accessing your web proxy is an important task because you can protect yourself from known spammers and those who use web proxies to commit illegal activities.